"The Citizens" - Premiere in Brasov

The premiere of the 'Citizens' took place at the city festival of Brasov. On the initiative of Cristian Macedonschi, City Councillor for Culture, Irene Nemeth designed twelve characters which represent the culture and traditions as well as the modern life of Brasov. Amongst the characters was also a celebrity: Peter Maffay, one of Germany's biggest rockstars who was given honorary citizenship of his native town signed ‘his’ Citizen with enthusiasm.

The life-sized figures were displayed on the main square in Brasov's city center. They mixed with the crowd and were eagerly photographed by the inhabitants and visitors to Brasov.

  • 2015, 2016
  • Illustration, Character Design
  • Client: Cristian Macedonschi, City Councillor for Culture in Brasov
  • Brasov (RO)

At the press conference for the "Oktoberfest".

"The Citizens" are posing for photos.

VIPs: Peter Maffay signs "his" Citizen.

As part of the city festival of Brasov rockstar Peter Maffay was given honorary citizenship of his native town. Specially for this occasion Irene Nemeth also created a Peter Maffay Character for the 'Citizens' group. It was a great honour for the other 'Citizens' to be live on stage during the ceremony while Peter signed 'his' figure with enthusiasm and posed for photos.

T-Shirt and mug "Kuana Torres Kahele & Mark Keali’i Ho’omalu" exclusively for the Concert in December 2016 in Vienna.

The first muscular "Citizen": "Strongman Romania" Silviu Urdea as Citizen-Character.

The very first "Draculendar"!

As you cannot take photographs of Dracula, illustrator Irene Nemeth designed 13 pictures for the "Draculendar 2017", a monthly calendar which gives an insight on Dracula's life. With full moon indication!

How about an implant?

Even Dracula needs holidays.

Don’t forget to take a picture if you’re lucky enough to meet Dracula in person on your trip to Transylvania!

Meet Dracula at his favourite smoothie bar!

More Citizens in more Cities!

The 'Citizens' like to visit new cities. Therefore they dress in traditional costumes of the country to represent both historical and modern characters which make a city unique.
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