Zen-Comics for KFC

For the 'Kentucky Fried Chicken Austria' Tray Liners Irene Nemeth created Zen-Stories as Comics from 'Shaolin' the bestseller by Bernhard Moestl. More than 200,000 pieces were distributed on KFC Tray Liners throughout Austria. Due to the great success of the first 'Citizens' Zen Comic Irene Nemeth created another zen-story of Bernhard Moestl's book on behalf of KFC.

  • 2014, 2015, 2016
  • Comic for Trayliners
  • Project manager: Andreas Schindl, CEO KFC Austria
  • Austria

The comic is drafted on paper.

The characters are all hand drawn and digitally edited.

The second comic: "The Catlover"

Im Einsatz

More than 200,000 Tray Liners were distributed throughout Austria.

The third comic: "Ken Tu Qi's Secret Recipe"


Collaborating with Irene was great fun. We used her ‘Citizens’ twice for marketing campaigns in our KFC restaurants and were delighted by the great feedback. Seldom do we get so many positive comments in such a short time about our campaigns. Altogether more than 200,000 clients made acquaintance with the funny and smart Shaolin 'Citizens'. The short stories were iconic from the start and we are planning to repeat the campaign - again with Irene of course, as she doesn't only have design blood in her veins but also puts passion into her designs. This our clients realise and appreciate. She accomplished our proposition quickly and in a very professional way. Thank you so much, Irene!

Mag. Andreas Schindl, CEO Kentucky Fried Chicken Austria