Comic for the Visitors

The story is about a comic monkey character who tries to break free from his stereotype comic world. When he finds out that it is really possible he addresses the viewer and starts philosophising about the boundaries/limits of our world. Although we can control our limits many people prefer being labelled by someone else, be it out of fear of change or because they don't believe in their dreams and fantasies. In the end the monkey invites the visitors to his comic world.

The visitors of the exhibition became part of the comic by posing in front of a big comic panel with different props and speech balloons.

  • 2015
  • Participative Art
  • Exhibition
  • Dresden (DE)

The Visitors become part of the comic...

...try out different props...

...and are obviously having fun.

From an empty sheet of paper to the exhibition

The layout of the comic is designed with little squares(1). The props, visitors could use for posing in front of the big comic panel(2). The exhibition opening (3).

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